Derrière nos oeuvres d’art, il y a une oeuvre sociale.

Every donation counts.

We need your help: the programs we are currently running require $2,5 million in funding.

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A snapshot of the museum’s achievements

  • 300 000
    participants attended our education, health, and wellness programs.
  • 450
    projects in collaboration with community and health organizations.
  • 31
    cultural mediators and one art therapist offering daily workshops to address the needs of the community.
  • 52
    “Thursday at the Museum” workshops for seniors every year.
  • 8
    Discovery Exhibitions every year
  • 8
    ÉducExpos every year
  • 18
    research initiatives in partnership with universities and hospitals to examine the health benefits of art.
  • 43,000
    works of art in our permanent collection

Every donation makes a difference.

The MMFA is not a state-run museum. We rely greatly on the generosity of your donations to uphold our mission.

That’s why the Museum Foundation makes a point of creating strong campaigns and ensuring exemplary governance, which allows it to keep its management costs at 12%.

Your support is essential for maintaining and developing our social programs, expanding and preserving our collection, curating our major exhibitions, and upholding the MMFA’s reputation as a world class museum that greatly benefits the city of Montréal.

Tax credits for large cultural donations

Did you know that the provincial government provides additional tax credits of 25% for first time large cultural donations?

Visit the Revenu Québec website to learn more.

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